4 Signs of a Bad Vehicle Collision Repair Job

You just experienced a collision and got away relatively unscathed. Sadly, your car didn’t. But with the help of a company offering services for collision repair in North Vancouver, you should be able to see your car sleek, shiny and whole once again.

But keep in mind that not all auto repair shops really perform well when it comes to fixing collision cars. You don’t want your car looking alright on the outside but working like it really has been in a collision on the inside. Additionally, Car repair services in North Vancouver can run a considerable amount of money and you definitely don’t want to spend money on a service that falls short on expectations.

So before signing that check and paying your auto repair shop in full, you must look for these signs of a bad collision repair job:

1. Inconsistent exterior painting

Even the most seasoned collision repair experts know how hard it is to find the exact same match for paints. There’s always that small percentage of variance that makes a huge difference. A good body shop not only relies on their machines to determine colour consistency but also uses a trained eye to correct the subtle differences.

Pick up your car during the day so you can tell if the paint job has been done correctly and properly. Look for signs of uneven colour, embedded dirt, bubbles or specks that might be trapped underneath the clear finish.

2. Look for uneven gaps between the panels

If the panels are not aligned properly or they were not able to straighten dented or warped panels perfectly, you should be able to see inconsistent gaps between the panels. Check for symmetry in the gaps and if it looks like one part has a bigger gap between the panels than the others, don’t hesitate to talk to the repair shop about it.

3. Take a look under the car for scratch marks or small dents

Front collisions usually result in a bent or warped frame. The repair company will use pulling equipment to straighten out the front frame. If it’s done poorly or incorrectly, you will see a lot of scratch marks under the vehicle.

4. The original frame size and specifications does not match the repaired one

Get the frame specifications of your vehicle and compare that to the post-repair frame specifications. If it’s the same, your repair shop did a good job setting the frame straight. If there’s a huge discrepancy, there could be something wrong with the alignment of your car, which signifies a bad repair job.

It’s difficult for an average person to notice these signs of a bad repair job. This is why you should look for a repair shop that knows what they are doing and that has a good track record in fixing collision vehicles. Companies like Elite Body Shop will put an end to your worries and will make sure they bring back your wrecked car into its pre-accident form.