Frequently Asked Questions about Wheel Alignment after an Accident

Vehicles that have been in an accident can still be salvaged by experienced crash repair companies. Perhaps the most common service done to crash vehicles is wheel alignment. Although it may not look as significant a service as other repairs done to your car, it is actually a critical step that can make or break your driving experience.

Here are some frequently asked questions you should know:

1.    Why is wheel alignment in North Vancouver important?

Properly-aligned wheels are essential to a car’s over-all driving experience. Misaligned wheels can consume more fuel as your car struggles to find balance. If a wheel is higher than the other, the lower one can wear out faster. All of these can cause costly problems in the future.

2.    How can I tell if my car needs wheel alignment?

Following an accident, it is important to have wheel alignment services in North Vancouver. To most repair shops, wheel alignment is included in their check list. But if the repair shop did not include this, you should have it included before getting an estimate. Even if the wheels look aligned, there could be some minimal shifting that will require wheel alignment.

3.    How often will I need wheel alignment after an accident?

If the repair shop who worked on your vehicle did their job properly, you shouldn’t have any problems with it for about 2 to 3 years, depending on your car. But watch out for signs of wear and tear on just one side of the tire, screeching sounds when turning or an unstable feeling when driving the vehicle as these are indicative of misaligned wheels.

4.    How can I tell if my wheels are aligned properly by the repair shop?

Check the wheels and check if they look properly aligned. Also test drive the vehicle and see if the vehicle is driving smoothly. Do some turns and brakes and determine if there are any sounds that might indicate misaligned tires.

5.    Who should fix my tires after an accident?

Have your vehicle towed to a reliable and reputable body repair shop such as Elite Body Shop. A shop that works in partnership with the Collision Solutions Network or CSN is the most reliable one to have working on your car. What is great about these shops is that they have the experience, expertise and credentials in repairing damaged vehicles caused by accidents.

Don’t just go to a random repair shop with no experience in fixing accident vehicles. There are so many important things to check in an accident vehicle and you don’t want the repair shop overlooking important systems in your vehicle as this can result to another accident. Also, a reliable repair shop will be able to give you a warranty that you can protect you in case there is something still wrong with the vehicle.