Hidden Collision Damages You Should Look For

It’s just a minor crash and apart from the minor scratch and dent, everything seems to be okay. That’s what it looks like anyway at first glance. A crash, even the minor ones, may actually cause some hidden damages that will eventually plague you or cause expensive problems in the future.

The following are some usually hidden collision damages to look out for:

1.    Front and rear suspension problems

In most cases of collision, the suspension system of the car is the first to be affected. Many repair companies won’t even check it until the damage is very obvious. This is why you need to have the suspension system assessed prior to driving away from the repair shop or immediately after the accident.

Although the suspension system will not affect the functionality of your vehicle, it will affect the way you drive it. If driving your car feels a little “off” and it doesn’t drive as smoothly as before, there just might be something wrong with the suspension system.

Accidents wherein the vehicle went off-road also have higher chances of suffering from suspension system damages. When getting an estimate as to how much repair will cost, make sure you have the mechanic look at the front and rear system for damages..

2.    Misaligned tires

Tires that are not perfectly in place could cause a lot of problems and may even become a potential hazard. If the tires are not aligned properly, it can also affect fuel consumption and the brake system. Another issue is uneven wear and tear on your tires, causing you to replace them much sooner than you have to.  And that alone can be an expensive bill.  Have Tire repair services in North Vancouver check your tires for alignment. Make sure the company doing this check in North Vancouver thoroughly goes over the history of your vehicle with you, and that they closely inspect the tires for warps and uneven wear.

3.    Leaky air conditioning system

If the vehicle got into a front collision, the air conditioning or heating system could be damaged. Damages can lead to leaks, which will prevent your vehicle’s A/C from running efficiently. Most air conditioning problems aren’t detected right away until it eventually stops functioning.

It is important to look for a car repair shop that is known to be meticulous in finding the problem areas in the affected vehicle. A car repair shop with the credentials and experience in handling accident vehicles like Elite Body Shop should know where exactly to look and what problems to expect.