Reap the Benefits of Implanting Powerful Leaf Springs to Have Smooth Vehicle Drive

rtwLeaf springs are the best reliable tool to keep your vehicle on the ground, when it is fully loaded with cargo. The usage of this type of spring in tow truck has been followed for decades.

General info about the vehicle part:

Unlike other devices, the spring is simply designed like long and narrow plates, attached one above the other in the frame of trailer’s axle. You can say that it looks like bow slightly curved in middle part.

These kinds of bow springs are of varied type. The mainly used are mono-leaf springs and multi-leaf springs. The former type consists of single metal steel of one plate, whereas the latter one is of more than one plates attached one over the other. Shorter leaf spring has thicker sheet in middle.

Modern types of these springs vary in their end part. This design at the ends aids in connecting to any shape of the axle of the vehicle. Proper installation of the spring is essential to tow your trailer smoothly without any bumps to experience while on the road. The best feature of the springs is that it doesn’t bend easily, and thus making it impossible for the loaded back part of the truck to sway or change direction while moving on the roads.

The way it works:

The springs are attached under the trailer axel or you can say behind the wheel, and hence while mounting the springs, mechanics needs to take out the wheels. It is fixed in the pair of hangers suspending from both side of the axle. The eyes of the leaf springs have to be fixed in the holes of the hangers. Installing a pair of Ubolts will help secure them more strongly. Thus, helps in not allowing the cargo loaded vehicle to move quite unnecessarily while the vehicle is on move.

As every vehicle make is different, to use the right kind of rear springs is essential. Many drivers install the cheapest and light weight springs in their vehicle, because of ignorance. This will surely lead to wear and tear if the springs in few months of usage.

Reasons behind the spring becoming damaged or function improperly:

  • Life span of such kind of springs are not long, hence wear and tear is quite possible to occur in few months of installation.
  • Proper maintenance of it is required to be done regularly as accumulation of dust and dirt can lead to formation of rust between the plates of the springs.